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            1. 您好!歡迎光臨陽山幼兒園~
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                  I am Margie. I have the MA degree in teaching English and more than 9 years of teaching experience.

              Interacting with kids and teaching them were the things I always wished to do. I strongly believe that learning a language should be fun and I always incorporate interesting activities and games into my teaching process. I have many hobbies and interests. I like dancing and singing, drawing and cooking. I like travelling and revealing new countries and cultures. And I am sharing my skills with my young students.

               Greta Melikyan.jpg


              發布時間:2018-10-15 發布時間: 發布時間:0

              蘇州外國語學校 版權所有 蘇ICP備10063986號 持術支持:朗鈞網絡
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